Elements to hang on to enrich the chandelier: fruit, bows, rosettes, leaves

The “ I segni di Bacco” 6 lights

The “ I segni di Bacco"


New series of chandeliers and sconces made of Murano glass and wrought iron


Wrought iron chandelier with 6 lights, decorated with gold leaf.




Height 65,00 cm;

Diameter 45,00 cm.


Details of Murano glass in the shape of bunches of grapes, apples and pears with gold leaf.



454,92 €

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  • Shipped within 28-30 days1

Fruitlight 8 lights chandelier

Chandelier 8 lights with fruit in Murano glass, in the photo made with pears and balls with gold and silver leaf.



Height 75 cm , plus chain of 50 cm adjustable


Diameter 65 cm


Metallic structure color ivory shaded gold


A request any color.


Shipped within 8-10 working days

Fruitlight 8 lights chandelier

490,98 €

  • Always in stock
  • Shipped within 8-10 days1