"Canalgrande d'oro", Gold Murano Classic Chandelier

Series of classic chandeliers in Murano transparent blown glass with 24 k gold dust in morise, in the corolla of the flowers and palm leaves.

Carried out with respect for tradition that developed in the island of Murano glass blowers from teachers with at least 15 years of experience.

Measurements of the 3 lights:

Height 60 cm

Diameter cm 50/54


Measurements of the 5 lights:

Height 70 cm

Diameter cm 70/74


Measures of the 6 lights:

Height 70 cm

Diameter cm 70/74


Measures of 8 Lights:

Height 75 cm

Diameter cm 90/94


All models cames with golden / chrome chain 50 cm and E14 Lamp Holder


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The series includes, in addition to chandeliers also bedside lamps and wall lamps.


CanalGrande Gold Murano Classic Chandelier

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